Federatia din Moldova a Asociatiilor, Centrelor si Cluburilor UNESCO.

Primele Cluburi UNESCO din R.Moldova au fost create de poeta Renata Verejanu.
Pe linia UNESCO ne vin si asemenea invitatii:

Dear Friends,
I would be grateful if you could circulate the enclosed job description for an IFOR Field officer and if you could also publicise the need for people willing to be part of a support network.
At present IFOR has some 20 organisations seeking membership or a change in their membership status. Ideally every such organisation should be visited by someone with the skills and wisdom to give a recommendation on membership or status and to give encouragement and support to the organisation in their work for spiritually based non-violence. At present the members of the Representative Consultative Committee and the International Coordinator do not have the capacity to carry out this work. It is very likely that a number of applicants will not be visited before Council and that the situation will not improve thereafter.
The International Committee has decided to use part of the legacy that IFOR received some months ago to try and establish a framework that would ensure support and training to develop the work of the international fellowship. The pattern is not a centralised one of appointing one travelling secretary, based in Alkmaar. Rather IFOR wishes to recruit a wide range of experienced IFOR members who would be available for short term visits, trainings or other developmental work as required together with one Field Secretary whose task would include some visiting but would primarily be to recruit and allocate visits to the members of the support network.
The Field Officer can be based anywhere – they would not have to move to Alkmaar.
If you would be interested in applying for the position yourself, please let me know.
If you can think of someone else who would be a good candidate for the field officer post, please let me know.
If you would be willing to be a member of the support network, please let me know. Members of the support network would operate on a freelance basis, receiving expenses for their work and, in appropriate cases, an honorarium/fee.
And please publicise the positions on your own website, in your own journal or newsletter and ask anyone that you think might be interested to contact the International Coordinator at IFOR.
Even if a person does not have every single core competency it may still be worth applying.
There is now some degree of urgency and I would find it very helpful to have initial enquiries, expressions of interest and applications by the 24th January – the IFOR Executive Committee meets on the 27th January. However if your newsletter goes out after that date, please still include the vacancies.
In peace,
David Mumford
International Coordinator
International Fellowship of Reconciliation


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