World Forum of Talented Children

Press release

The World Organization of Talented Children (WOTC, an international NGO with general headquarters in Chisinau and participatory status with Council of Europe) communicate:

The International Festival-Contest World Talents (Little Prince), project of Dan and Renata Verejanu, leaders and founders of WOTC, has reached the 15th edition. A long term project, achieved every year by the volunteers from WOTC only on volunteer work, hsa confirmed, for the 15th time, that is a viable project and very necesary to young generation, tu European society and to this beginning of the millennium where racism is still present in street fights, the tolerance is very weak and the youth enthusiasm is identified more and more in disco clubs, using drugs and human trafficking.

The 15th edition has proved the most original dialogue between cultures and people from Eastern Europe – an intercultural dialogue organized by young people, for young people, but who brings a lot of joy to the adults. The 15th edition is the proof of a high proffessionalism of the preparation team, of participants, and is a good practice of fruitful collaboration between Civil Society and local public administration, between Civil Society and small business (privat sector), between Civil Society and parliament, between Civil Society from former Soviet Union and Council of Europe.

By this project, the volunteers from WOTC have proved once more that despite a total isolation from most sponsors from Moldova and international financing forums, the World Organization of Talented Children (this unique international NGO with general headquarters in Republic of Moldova, who didn’t allowed itself to become a pocket NGO for someone), in the cruelest period of transition, is developing each year, during 15 years, the most original projects from Eastern Europe, involving many countries and where participated over 55000 young people from all continents. Intimidated by poverty and corruption, the youth who are implicated in our projects regain self trust, in future, become volunteers, trying to achieve projects for their mates. Many delegations from different countries participating at this intercultural dialogue, at the return in their countries, are creating branches of the World Organization of Talented Children.

By this project, year by year, WOTC implements Child’s Rights, promotes the activity of Council of Europe and UNESCO, achieves cultural politics, educational politics, minorities politics. The ambition of the leaders from the NGOs within the WOTC network and their hard work have changed the impossible into possible: only they were capable, without receiving any grant, to develop projects that others would spent milions of euro on. This is the proof of a perfect project administration, a competent team, a long term project.

The permanent partners of the projects are the NGOs from the WOTC network:
European Academy of Civil Society,
Clubs of Council of Europe,
The Moldavian Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations,
Agency of Young Journalists „AMP-International”,
Newspaper „Copiii Europei”,
Magazine „Little Prince”.

The main partners of the 2008 editions were:

– Mayor of Ciocana from Chisinau, in the person of Mrs. Galina Bostan, who understood the importance of the project and, for the first time since the independence of Moldova, has offered to children and residents from that sector the honor of hosting an International Festival-Contest where participated over 100 partiicpants and great personalities of European culture from over 10 countries. The conference hall from Ciocana became for
2 days a centre of european culture. The high roof seemed to get even higher for allowing to spread the songs and poems in different world languages: English, French, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Armenian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Belarus, Spanish, Turkish… and even to minorities from Republic of Adigheea etc… After many hours of work, even the members of International Jury got on the stage and danced along with the representatives of different countries and people, proof of a united and prosperous Europe.
– Mr. Marian Lupu, the President of Parliament of Moldova fought a lot in order to obtain for us the great hall of the Palace of the Republic, for our Awarding Ceremony. In the week-end, he gave us his precious time. The meeting from Saturday, included in the agenda from Parliament, between Mr. Marian Lupu and the members of International Jury and heads of foreign delegations, where were spoked perfectly Romanian, Russian, English and French has confirmed that the International Festival-Contest Little Prince is a genuine ambassador of Moldova in the world and a peace promoter in Europe. Sunday, the president of Parliament was together with the spectators of Republic’s Palace, apreciating very much the participants at intercultural dialogue developed in Moldova.
– Leogrand Hotel and Convention Center hosted a part of the members of International Jury and has offered a reception for 50 persons in the evening of International Children Day.
– Dacia hotel, another prestigious hotel, has also hosted members of Inernational Jury.
– The Zarea hotel has hosted all participants and their supervisors.
– The members of International Jury were served by the most finest restaurants from Ciocana.
What a pitty that the public television company didn’t recorded the extraordinary show from Republic’s Palace. The Awarding Ceremony has worthed to be seen by all Moldova and not only.

The 15th edition of the International Festival-Contest World Talents (Little Prince) was developed „Under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr.Terry Davis” and under the patronage of Mr. Marian Lupu, the President of Parliament of Moldova.

To be spread by the
Agency of Young Journalists

 Viata Renatei Verejanu, fondatorul si presedintele OMCT

Daniel si Renata Verejanu,
promotorii Societatii Civile in Moldova
pe parcursul ultimilor 20 de ani…
Oboseala dupa 2 saptamani de chin ale transferului
mobilei, calculatoarelor etc.etc.etc.
NU… Zambet si flori,
demnitate si noi idei, nu doar lansate –
ci realizate…
Dna Valentina Nicov, mama lui Edgar,
un tanar dintr-un sat uitat de toti,
dar care la 10 anisori a fost membru
al Caravanei Culturii Pacii care a trecut
din tara in tara,
din capitala in capitala,
pana la Consiliul Europei (Strasbourg) si
UNESCO (Paris), unde au fost primiti de cele
mai inalte oficialitati…
a suras prin durerea de care era dominata…
E bine sa imortalizam trecerea la „casa noua”…

30 mai 2008
Dumnezeu face minuni…
Proiectul pentru care ar fi trebuit sa cheltuim vre-o 700000 euro,
il realizam fara nici un ban…


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